What can Moonee Valley Council afford?

What can Moonee Valley afford?

The data on the Know Your Council shows non-recurrent government grants to MVCC have dwindled since 2009 and that the capital works program to 2022 will alter Council’s financial situation quite considerably.

What’s the deal in Flemington?

The decision at Council last week to reduce money specifically allocated in the long term budget for the Flemington Community Hub has caused quite a stir – and lots of confusion.

In fact, there is still $40m+ in the budget for the hub and park – the same as there was last year.

This post sets out some of the facts as we know – and some of the remaining mysteries.

New homes needed

On Friday night, in pouring rain, several hundred people gathered at Royal Park for a vigil for a young woman who had been horrifically bashed to death a week earlier. The woman, Courtney Herron, had been reportedly homeless in the weeks before her death. A combination of awful social and personal circumstances, including insecure housing,…