How to make a submission for the Flemington housing estate

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Image: Rose Iser

NB – Planning Panels Vic asks people to make submissions online here, but if you are unable to, or have friends who cannot make submissions online, here is the cover sheet that can be printed and attached to a written submission.

Cover sheet: Debneys Precinct – Social Housing Renewal Committee Submission Coversheet

Whether you’re one of 2500 residents living in 916 homes at the Flemington Housing Estate, or a resident nearby, you will probably be affected by the introduction of over 800 new homes on the DHHS land on Racecourse Road. You can read more about the proposed development here.

You have until 5pm 21 July to make a submission in response to the plans to build six new towers, and replace the walk-ups in Flemington.

You can make a submission by going to this website  and filling in the online form.

You must complete all required sections providing your name, address, email and phone number.  Then you can either write your concerns into the space provided, or upload a document outlining your concerns.

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Image: Screenshot of Planning Panels Victoria, Standing Advisory Committee Submission

You will need an email address – so if you don’t have one, see if a friend is willing to let you list their email address so the panel can contact you if needed.

Your submission goes to the Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory Committee who have to consider all submissions and prepare a report for the Planning Minister.

The Committee must recommend whether the proposal for Debneys Precinct is in line with the planning scheme, or whether changes should be made. The Committee must also recommend whether the Planning Minister should take control of the whole area – including Debneys Park – for planning purposes.

This means that the Committee will consider issues such as:

  • provision of open space
  • provision of car parking
  • overlooking
  • overshadowing
  • traffic movements
  • design of the buildings
  • safety moving in and around the buildings
  • integration with surrounding buildings and land
  • environmental concerns
  • landscaping
  • housing density
  • whether Council and residents should have a say about future development … and more.

The Committee will not consider these issues:

  • demand for one and two bedroom social housing homes
  • the joint venture partnership being used to build the homes
  • the use of public land to deliver private and public homes
  • how many homes are needed to fulfil financial modelling and objectives
  • whether community housing providers should manage the social housing.

When making your submission, consider how the proposed development will impact you.  If you are uploading a submission, you can include photos that you have taken to illustrate your points.

You don’t have to use technical language. You can just state clearly the concerns you have and the impacts the development will have on you.

You can also indicate that you wish to speak at the panel hearing in September – if you would like to.  It is an opportunity to explain your views in person to the Committee and if you would like to tell the Committee directly how you feel, you should feel confident about doing so and register to have your voice heard on the online form (but you do need to turn up at the exact time you will be given between 11 and 22 September).

If you would like assistance completing your submission, there will be another meeting at 7pm next Monday evening at the Flemington Community Centre where people will be able to assist.

You can find about more about the plans for Flemington housing estate here and a summary of key points here

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Image: Rose Iser

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