Planning in Flemington … gone crazy


Image: Rose Iser

Concerns collected from residents of the Flemington Housing Estate at tonight’s residents’ meeting about the estate redevelopment

There was no Council meeting tonight – which was a great relief to this blogger given all of the other planning catastrophes going on in Moonee Valley.

I am not exaggerating.  Despite Flemington having a population density of 70 people per hectare (higher than Carlton and North Melbourne), developers just keep wanting to cram more of us into small boxes in vertical people-stackers.

This week, there is a VCAT case for 11-15 Ascot Vale Road where residents are trying to argue against a 14-storey development next door to 1 Ascot Vale Road (yes, that big “iconic gateway” with at least 350 apartments).


Image: Rose Iser

The VRC developments at Epsom Rd and Flemington Hill are on their way.

And of course, there’s the development at the Flemington Housing Estate that promises 845 new homes (20 being social housing).

That’s a lot more people trying to catch the 57 tram.

And there’s Moonee Ponds, and the Moonee Valley Racecourse Development. Just a major road away.

Then there are smaller, but still intensive developments: 10 x 3 storey dwellings at 62-64 The Parade, Ascot Vale, to name but one.

There are many unanswered questions about population growth and housing in Melbourne, but none of these plans seem to be providing the answers.

Plan Melbourne continues the push towards Activity Centres – yet none of the massive developments in Flemington (including Lombards) are in the heart of the Racecourse Road Activity Centre.

Transport is lagging with a lack of cycling paths and over-crowding on trams and trains deterring people from using alternative transport methods while roads are choking.

The vision of clean, green cities is lagging behind reality in Flemington.

So what can we do?

We don’t give up. We keep aiming high and talking the dream – and challenging planning that is neither sustainable, healthy, accessible, diverse, sensitive … nor necessary for population projections.

If you are concerned:

  • help out with planning cases via the Flemington Association;
  • lodge a submission for the Flemington Housing Estate;
  • lobby PTV for better service on the 57, 59 and Craigieburn line;
  • lobby for more cycling paths;
  • grow trees; look after the trees we have;
  • protect parkland;

and when you’re feeling as exhausted as I am tonight, wake up and do it all again tomorrow … for the kids.

Lodge submissions for Flemington Housing Estate here by 21 July: 

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 9.30.36 am

Image: DHHS

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