Council Meeting Feb 27

Ivy and Shadow 2

Image: Rose Iser

Apologies that I couldn’t make the meeting on Tuesday – I was busy hunting for our little cat who had gone missing. She has now been located – but I’ll take the opportunity to plug the Council’s advice on keeping cats safe!!  Many thanks to the MVCC staff who answered my phone calls about little Ivy.

I’ve now had a chance to watch the recording of the meeting, and made a summary available below.

The meeting began with a warning that anyone who continued to disrupt the meeting after being warned would be ejected: “Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated”.

Apologies – Cr Surace needs to leave at 9:45pm

Confirmation of Minutes – Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday, 13 February 2018.

Moved Cr Marshall, Seconded Cr Byrne.

Mayor puts to vote.

Cr Lawrence asks to speak to the minutes – “You didn’t even request any other Crs to speak to the motion” (It’s true, he didn’t – I listened to the recording twice.)

Cr Marshall clarifies that once the motion is put, it signals the end of debate.

Mayor puts to vote again – carried unanimously – (No – three Crs did not vote??). The vote is re-counted.

For: Cr Sharpe, Nation, Marshall, Sipek, Cusack, Byrne

Abstaining – Cr Gauci-Maurici, Surace, Lawrence

Note: I’ve had a chance now to check the meeting procedures and it does say clearly (emphasis added): 

8. Confirmation of the Minutes of a Meeting
8.1 When confirming the minutes of a Meeting, the Chairperson must ask if any item in the minutes is opposed.
8.2 Opposition can only be expressed in regard to items in the minutes on the basis that the record is incomplete or inaccurate.
8.3 The Chairperson must not allow discussion or motions on any other issue than the alleged omission from or inaccuracy of the minutes.
8.4 If no Councillor indicates opposition, the Chairperson must declare the minutes to be confirmed.
8.5 If any Councillor indicates opposition, he or she must specify the particular item or items in the minutes concerned and can, after asking any questions to clarify the matter, only move a motion to rectify the alleged error(s) in the record.

So, it appears to me that the process for passing the minutes at this meeting was contrary to the Meeting Procedure – and that Cr Lawrence should have been allowed to express any opposition to an item – provided it was in line with 7.5.

Declarations of Conflict of Interest

Cr Nation – indirect in 9.1 due to receipt of applicable gift – unfortunately due to conflicting advice of Governance Officers, attended an event, and now erring on side of caution.

Cr Surace declares the same for 9.1

As does Cr Byrne. And for 9.13 – due to conflicting duty.

Cr Sharpe – same per 9.1 – attendance at race meeting late last year. And direct conflict 9.16 due to workplace.

Cr Cusack same re 9.1 re attendance at event September. He can’t recall the wording.

Mayor – the same re 9.1

This is the relevant section of the Local Government Act – s 78C:

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 1.36.02 pm

The threshold is $500, and the offending event for Crs other than Cr Cusack appears to be:

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 1.51.14 pm

From the explanations given by Crs, it seems Crs were initially advised that attending the event (or possibly multiple events with an accumulated total exceeding $500) was “reasonable hospitality”.

Other Councils appear to have policies defining “reasonable hospitality” and outlining guidelines for accepting gifts. I couldn’t find one on MVCC’s website.

Presentations – Nil

Mayor says that the Crs from Mornington Pennisula Shire visited regarding the Bee program. Also much interest from Rotary Club. The Crs expressed support for a motion to MAV and ALGA. The Minister for Local Government will also be visiting on 15 March.

Petitions and Joint Letters – Nil

Public Question Time

Question asked of Mayor from Angelo:

Q – from previous meeting, can the Mayor please explain why he used his casting vote.

A – A casting Mayor is used to break a deadlock. The Mayor says that in considering his position, he considered both sides. He did not support legal action b/c of the cost of legal action on every single ratepayer. Had a meeting with the Minister and expect to see outcomes. Safety of traders must be supported. They must make transport assessment available to whole community. Lights must be installed at Grice St and Mt Rd. Ramps and station must be DDA compliant – including raised platform. Park St and Puckle St level crossings must also be removed in the future.

Q – Michael – Having six Crs barred from decisions re MVRC due to Conflict of interest is unacceptable. Why will the DAP be held behind closed doors? As this is largest development in MV over next 15-20 years, why won’t an independent planning panel be used?

Cr Byrne asks whether the question is allowed given the matter is being considered on the agenda (the meeting protocols do not permit Qs on matters listed on the agenda – not sure why…). The CEO says exceptions have been made for both questions.

A – CEO says matter is coming to Council tonight. The legislation only provides for the responsible authority to make the decision – which can be delegated. A panel was convened for the planning scheme amendment. Council will continue to inform the community as the development of the land progresses.

Reports by Mayor and Councillors


Cr Marshall – that reports be accepted.

Cr Gauci-Maurici asks point of clarification: will verbal reports be given?

Mayor says he had a very busy month in regards to meeting with Minister Allen. He worked on bees. He judged the Fireworks display – some high quality works. he had a lot of meetings with community members “all over the place”. “Would you like any more?” “Are you sure?”

“You’re the Mayor, it’s up to you.”

Put to the vote.

Carried unanimously.

9.1 2B   McPherson Street, Moonee  Ponds   (Lots   1   and   2 on TP107268X) – Partial demolition, buildings and works, display of business identification signage and removal of vegetation within a Heritage Overlay (HO379) associated with a child care centre

Council is unable to consider the matter given there will be no quorum (b/c 6 Crs have to leave). In such circumstances, the application needs to be decided under delegation.

Cr Marshall moves that the matter be decided under delegation – and that this meeting be open to members f the public.

Cr Cusack seconds.

Cr Marshall speaks to the matter. “It’s the first time this has happened. Owe some sort of explanation.” “Disappointing we are here. It’s about taking responsibility, but learning too … there are a whole range of things we can do … looking at continuing to improve governance … will be pushing ‘just say no’ policy. Starting position as Crs when we are offered gifts is to say ‘no’.” The community has put large amounts of time and resources into the matter – as have developer.

Cr Cusack support the motion. The Council has a responsibility to address the matter. The motion provides the opportunity. Part two of the motion opens it up the community. The community can read the officers’ report. The complexity of the whole of the MVRC redevelopment is that it’s not juts a number of buildings, but developed over a long period, where Council has worked hard. “When I accepted the opportunity to attend a race meeting in September 2016 – which wasn’t the Cox Plate” he did so on basis that the MVRC is a significant employer. Attending a race-meeting is part of conflict. (Wonder why the earlier advice wasn’t?  Seems a bit obvious!)

Cr Nation says he is mortified and embarrassed that the part of the LGA now renders his involvement in the matter futile. He says some Crs did not gain advice re attending events. He says he asked

Mayor says best if we don’t speak about staff.

Cr Nation asks whether he can speak about advice given to him: “You’re saying that’s a criticism of staff, b/c the advice is now incorrect?” Cr Nation says he wants to make it explicitly clear that there are Crs who were given verbal and/or written advice that attending the race meeting was considered reasonable hospitality …

The Mayor interjects to say that “at the end of the day, it’s still your decision on whether you’ve got a conflict or not”.

Cr Nation: “Cr Sipek, may I speak without being interrupted?”

Cr Sipek: “I’m not interrupting, I’m saying I don’t want you to criticise staff.”

Cr Nation: “I’m not criticising staff. I’m relaying feedback that was given to me …” wrt whether attending such event would be a COI

Cr Sipek: “Ok, I’ll give you permission.”

Cr Nation:”Thank you. I’m glad I have permission to speak as a Cr.” WRT attending in an official capacity, the advice was that I was attending in an official capacity as I was identified and involved in proceedings. The advice has now changed. This leaves us in an upsetting position. The advice has changed through the numerous governance officers we have had here at Council.

Cr Marshall says the discussions can be avoided by a ‘just say no’ policy.

Carried unanimously. (As whispered by the officer to the Mayor’s left).

9.2 7 Etzel Street, Airport West (Lot 42 on LP 020166) -Construction of two dwellings

There is some delay before Cr Marshall moves and Cr Sharpe seconds.

Cr Marshall says she is aware it is a sensitive issue. She says some of the proposals have been designed to address neighbours’ concerns. The concerns have been addressed in a way that is a balancing act. Has been conditioned to apply. If this were refused, you would end up with a worse outcome.

Cr Sharpe says she concurs, but also asks whether the conditions relate to the amended plans. The answer is yes from the officer (the plans in 2A).

Cr Byrne says she has been tearing her hair out about this for a while. She says there is an issue with the set-back. There were 30 objections. The deputation meeting resolved to bring the development forward, but this didn’t please other objectors. Cr Byrne says the amended plans with the new set back might have drawn more objectors. She would like to delete and remove levels to

Cr Marshall asks whether Cr Byrne wants to move a formal amendment to include her preferred conditions. This needs to be seconded. Cr Surace indicates she will second.

Cr Sharpe asks what the formal amendment is.

Cr Byrne says: “Deleting 2.a in terms of reducing the set back and adding an extra condition that the first floor level be reduced by that that it was brought forward in 2.a”

The planning officer is asks to clarify. He is not sure what the intention is. The proposal to amend the top floor – but not sure what.

The dwelling was moved forward 1.5m.

Cr Byrne syas the total of the first floor to be reduced by 1.5m

The officer says the …

The meeting is adjourned for five minutes to clarify. (I think the Mayor used his gavel.)

Cr Byrne reads new amendment: Remove condition 2.a; first floor to be reduced by 1m.

Mayor calls for a seconder – there is no seconder. It lapses.

Cr Byrne then continues. “At least I tried to stand up for the residents of Airport West.”

Cr Cusack seeks an amendment to the motion to add 2.k … re asbestos.

The Mayor says it is an informal alteration ….

What is an informal alteration???

The officer says the meeting protocol defines informal amendments are considered to be minor. The officer’s view is that the amendment is more than just editorial and requires a seconder.

Cr Surace seconds … and so now the motion is debated. Cr Cusack says there is a lot of asbestos in the area. Cr Surace concurs and suggests it should be standard.

For: Surace, Sharpe, Marshall, G-M, Lawrence, Nation, Cusack

Agst: Sipek, Byrne

The Mayor moves on to the next item and then is pulled up – he asks the officer to explain where the meeting is at. The substantive motion still needs to be debated and voted on.

The vote is put:

For: Surace, Sharpe, Marshall, G-M, Lawrence, Nation, Cusack

Agst: Sipek, Byrne

9.3 74 Pascoe Vale Road Moonee Ponds (Lot 16 on Plan of Subdivision 6223)

Cr Sharpe moves with additional conditions. Mayor asks for a seconder. She asks if she can read the motion before a seconder is sought?

Still can’t read amendments on the web-streaming, but she mentions …

… traffic signals, waste, number of employees …

Cr Nation seconds.

Cr Sharpe says the site is in a difficult position. The extra conditions are to protect vehicles going in and out. It’s not ideal. Nothing precludes development going ahead. The site constraints are addressed by the new conditions. It’s on a main road where high density developments are expected to occur. She understands the concerns, but hopes the extra conditions provide some improvements.

Cr Nation says he is not enthusiastic, but acknowledges that the site lies within Activity Centre which the Council itslf has set. It meets the height control. It lies in a zone that has been identified for higher density and growth. Screening has been added. Laneway has been widened (I think…). Retail operation has been capped to 7pm rather than 10pm. He says he knows some people will be unhappy with him for his support. But he sits within the ACZ. Any concerns need to go back to the ACZ.

Cr Cusack says he is being affected by his medication. He says he does not like the proposal. He asks to what extent the ACZ needs to be complied with “to their enth-degree” when they “bump up against local housing”. Some consideration to the transition is required. His preferred would be a three level building. He says it falls down with its interaction with local community. He says the bulk of people coming into the place will not necessarily use that – but will use Walker St – which is part of the ACZ, but still contains lovely houses and amenity. Council should protect and preserve laneways. Cr Cusack says it doesn’t fit.

Cr Marshall says it is a very difficult application. But that it is a result of extending the ACZ to incorporate the racecourse. She says she would have fought against this if she were on Council at the time (it was in 2012). She says it was written into the rules that you could have 4 storeys. She would like to change the rules. If VicRoads have said this is ok, then VCAT will say it is ok. “We will be knocked out of the tribunal.” “What can we do to minimise the amenity impacts on the surrounding neighbours?” She supports the measures proposed by Cr Sharpe – re hours and waste. We could refuse this – and it will head off without these conditions. “If we earmark sites for high development that’s what we’ll get.”

For: Sharpe, Surace, Nation, Marshall, Sipek, Byrne, G-M, Lawrence

Agts: Cusack

(Noting Crs Cusack, Sharpe and Sipek were on Council in 2012 when the Activity Centre was established by Council).

9.4 14 Cheffers Street, Moonee Ponds (Lot 47 on PS 009204) – Construction of two dwellings

Cr Gauci-Maurici moves. Cr Lawrence seconds.

She says the plans have been amended to improve the street-scape character and colouring. It now complies.

Cr Lawrence says the conditions bring the application to an adequate level of compliance.

Cr Sharpe says she held the consultation meeting on the development. The site is in a cul-de-sac, and that residents have concerns about the traffic cutting through Aberfeldie. She can’t support it. She is concerned about the impact of further condensing more houses on the one block in a small area – and the impact on neighbourhood character. She understands the residents’ concerns. She says it is getting more intense.

For: Surace, Marshall, Gauci-Maurici, Lawrence, Nation, Cusack, Byrne

Agst: Sharpe, Sipek

9.5 38 – 42 Scotia Street, Moonee Ponds (All land in Strata Plan 20307) – Construction of twelve dwellings, a reduction to the visitor car parking requirement and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone (Category 1)

Cr Marshall moves a motion to refuse on basis of: neighbourhood character, visual bulk, scale, form and layout, urban design..

Cr Marshall says the mass of the building is excessive. “In residentially zoned land we really need to protect the requirements of ResCode.” Sometimes on balance some non-compliance is acceptable. But where officers are conditioning everything, it seems too much. The turntable suggests there are too many dwellings – it is a big block – “but it gets to that point where you say, enough.”

Cr Cusack speaks in support. Cr Nation does too, mentioning Margaret Muir Way frontage. Cr Sharpe also supports the refusal on the basis of neighbourhood character. As does Cr Byrne mentioning waste storage and collection.

Carried unanimously.

9.6 421- 431 Mt Alexander Road, Ascot Vale (Land is PC173659Y) – Construction of   a   multi   storey   mixed   use   building, use as accommodation, reduction in car parking requirements, waiver of loading requirements and alterations to access to a Road Zone, Category   1   road   in   the   Design   and   Development   Overlay Schedule 3

This is the Nando’s site.

Cr Nation moves officers’ recommendation. Cr Surace seconds.

Cr Nation says it is a difficult proposal to review given the history of the site and the interface with Regent St. It is in a Commercial 1 zone. It provides retail premises – and people living on top to help sustain businesses. He says the southern end of Mt Alexander Rd is struggling as a functional retail strip. There is a considerable waiver of car spaces (possibly up to 20), mainly linked to the retail. This is justified because the premises is on a tram route. It is 2metres above the recommended height. But considering what lies beside it on Regent St – the three storey apartment building.

Cr Nation says he hopes there will still be a Nando’s – because he likes his Portugese Chicken. Laughter. He says there is dwelling diversity incorporated in the proposal.

Cr Surace says it would tick the box re a 20min ride to work.

For: Crs Surace, Sharpe, nation, Sipke, Byrne, Gauci-Maurici, Lawrence

Agst: Crs Marshall, Cusack

9.7 Planning Scheme Amendment C182 Update – Heritage Overlay 62, 64, 66 and 68 Buckley Street, Essendon

Cr Sharpe moves. Cr Lawrence seconds.

Cr Sharpe says the Amendment is vital to prevent demolition. She says she is passionate about retaining heritage. Cr Lawrence concurs.

Carried unanimously.

9.8 Planning Scheme Amendment C186 Update – Heritage Overlay 5 Alma Street, Aberfeldie

Cr Lawrence moves. Cr Sharpe seconds.

Cr Marshall speaks about the need for heritage controls on a property like this.

Carried unanimously.

9.9 Council Plan 2017-21 progress report for July-December 2017

Cr Gauci-Maurici moves. Cr Surace seconds.

Cr Gauci-Maurici says it is a significant body of work. She is most proud of the actions that link to MV2040 because they demonstrate engagement with the community.

Cr Marshall says it is the document by which Council should be judged. She talks about the developer contribution plan as something that she wanted to get done when she sought re-election. She also refers to significant grant achievements.

Cr Byrne talks about the 2% off-track re East-Keilor Leisure Centre – but plans were placed on hold until November 2017 and should be complete later this year. The project plan does look at completing the project this Council term.

Cr Nation says there will be reports published each quarter regarding the progress against the plan from March 2018.

Cr Cusack speaks as well.

Carried unanimously.

9.10 Audit Committee Chairman’s Report – 2016/17

Cr Gauci-Maurici moves. Cr Cusack seconds.

Cr Gauci-Maurici commends the staff.

Carried unanimously.

9.11 Financial Performance Report December 2017

Cr Nation moves. Cr Byrne seconds.

Cr Nation says the organisation is trying to be as efficient as possible. He says it is self-explanatory.

Cr Byrne talks about the Council’s “massive” capital works plan this year.

Carried unanimously.

9.12 Proposed Activities & General Amenities Local Law 2018 – Update

Cr Marshall moves officers’ recommendation with some amendments:

Cr Marshall stresses the importance of local laws, and the diverse nature of things controlled by local Councils. She encourages people to read and make submissions regarding the local laws for Moonee Valley.

The draft laws can be found here: Draft local laws.

Cr Byrne talks about the law prohibiting filming on Council land – which may need to be revised given the extent to which people use Smart Phones to film events and family.

Carried unanimously.

9.13 Community Facility Management Policy Update

Cr Byrne has a conflict and leaves.

Cr Sharpe moves the officers’ recommendation. Cr Surace seconds.

Cr Sharpe says there has been community feedback. She says it has been a difficult issue to address. The aim is to make sure the system of hiring Council facilities is fair. She says it has not been fair in the past – with different rates for different groups.

The new policy intends to be fair – but groups have concerns about costs imposed on groups that may not be able to pay.

Cr Sharpe is confident that while there are issues, Council has looked at the circumstances of each group.

Cr Surace says many community groups met last year to discuss the costs of hiring halls. She says the new policy will make it fair and equitable.

Cr Lawrence speaks about groups that need support and Council’s obligation to look after those groups. he says there has been negative feedback from pensioner groups. He hopes their concerns have been addressed. He assumes they have.

Cr Nation says there is a need for the use of Council’s sporting facilities to be more widely used by community groups in order to implement the policy properly.

Cr Cusack amends the motion to request a report be brought back in February 2019. he says there are many vulnerable people using facilities. He also mentions that there might be a new Flemington Community Centre in the future.

Amendment and substantive motion carried unanimously.

Cr Byrne returns.

Meeting is adjourned for a few minutes.

Cr Gauci Maurici and Cr Lawrence ask for next items to be moved en bloc.

Cr Sharpe has a conflict and leaves.

Cr Nation asks whether Crs can speak to the motions moved en bloc. The officer says Crs should speak only to the question of whether items should be moved en bloc.

Carried unanimously. Lots of mirth re the Crs’ ‘efficiency’.

9.14 Niddrie Business Precinct Special Rate and Charge Declaration

9.15 Flemington Business Precinct Special Rate and Charge Declaration

9.16 Union Road Business Precinct Special Rate and Charge Declaration

9.17 Response to NoM 2017/23 – Skateboard Park at Fanny Street Reserve

Cr Marshall moves to defer the matter. Cr Surace seconds.

Carried unanimously.

9.18 Response to NoM 2017/26 – Establishment of a Community Garden

Cr Marshall moves with a small amendment: “and implement the option” – although this amendment has not been captured in the minutes …

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 4.23.35 pm

Cr Marshall says this came out of the changes in Ascot Vale following Ascot Chase development. She says the officers’ report provides some possibilities for testing how the growing spaces might work. She speaks about parks with “dead space” and how this could be used to have small community gardens to grow fruit and vegetables and herbs. She says the more opportunities Council can provide to grow food can help address the issue of food security.

Cr Nation speaks about the social element of community gardens, particularly in newer communities.

Cr Byrne and Cr Cusack also speak in favour of the motion. Cr Cusack wants to go back to “the dot points” (not sure which dot points?). He asks whether gardens always have to be large or fenced. he also talks up the small gardens initiative and the use of gardens as demonstration.

Carried unanimously.

9.19 Notices of Motion Quarterly Report

Cr Marshall moves. Cr Surace seconds.

Nothing said, except Cr Gauci-Maurici says there is a notice of motion from may last year of which there is still something outstanding.

Carried unanimously.

10 Notices of Motion

10.1 Notice of Motion No. 2018/01: Transparency Measures

Cr Marshall moves her motion. She says this is a motion to improve transparency and accountability at MVCC and that it follows on from expenses, and the implementation of live-streaming. She also talks about the introduction of the recording of Crs’ votes. She says it will make the Council one of the most transparent in Victoria.

She says there was some concern about the publication of the CEO’s salary. She says any potential CEO can look up MVCC’s history. Personal information would not be publicly disclosed. Being the CEO of a Council is a difficult job. If clear expectations are set out then this might improve understanding and expectations.

Cr Nation says it has been difficult to get a motion that captures the evolving nature of local government. Cr Nation says most of the documents are available if people come into the MVCC offices. So the move to put them online makes them more accessible. Most of the items are things Crs are required to report on. He agrees with Cr Marshall that the more readily the information is made available, then the more transparent Council will be.

Cr Surace moves an amendment to the motion that adds an item to publish Crs’ membership of groups – including political parties – and another another item to publish Crs’ register of interests including properties in and outside the municipality.

Cr Gauci Maurici seconds for discussion,

Cr Marshall and Cr Gauci Maurici question the need to declare properties outside the municipality.

Cr Lawrence says that “it is good enough for federal and state colleagues”.

Cr Marshall says it should be political parties over the past ten years – happy to support. But not sure how property holdings outside the municipality are relevant.

Cr Sipek talks about his chicken farm in Croatia and is not sure how this is relevant.

Cr Byrne is concerned about the privacy of her address.

Cr Surace says it is not an address.

Cr Gauci Maurici says it is just suburbs – not actual address.

Cr Sharpe also expresses concerns.

Cr Surace re reads her Amendment: 2(t) Publication of Cr memberships: sporting organisations, community organisations, political party memberships past and present.

Cr Lawrence queries whether the ‘past and present’ applies to sporting and community groups.

Cr Marshall says she makes no apologies for being a multiple property owner.

The meeting is adjourned. Resumed.

Cr Surace has changed her motion:

2(t) Publication of Councillor memberships of incorporated sporting and community  organisations within the municipality

2(u) membership of political parties past and present

Seconded by Cr Gauci Maurici.

The minutes do not appear to have captured this correctly.

Cr Surace speaks to the motions briefly.

Cr Marshall says she has circulated the motion repeatedly and thanks Cr Nation and Cr Byrne for their input. She says she is surprised that the first she has heard about the matters in on the floor. She says these sorts of stunts are not helpful. She says she has no issue re the disclosure of political parties. Although she says she doesn’t understand why Crs membership of sporting groups is needed. She is again angry that the amendments were not suggested during the consultation she undertook with other Crs in formulating the motion over the past six months.

Cr Gauci Maurici speaks, having seconded the motion, and supports the need to disclose. She says if you have nothing to hide there is nothing wrong with this.

Cr Nation queries the membership of sporting groups – is it just incorporated associations? Are we listing incorporated associations of which we are members? He says it is a grey area. he mentions his swimming club. He says the point (t) why just sport? Are community groups incorporated as well?

Cr Marshall says this is hardly satisfying. What are you seeking to have disclosed? Memberships of what groups? What is the distinction for you? Why incorporated associations?

The Mayor says this needs further discussion. He requests Item (t) to be withdrawn – to be brought at a later date.

There is a motion on the books. The Mayor thinks we should go back to the original.

Crs say they would like to speak.

Cr Cusack is worried about the motion: what if I volunteer with a group? The Local Government Act distinguishes between being a member of a group and being on the Executive. He says he is a member of many, many groups. Most of them are incorporated. Maybe Crs should put the information in Bios on website. He is happy to put political parties on website. But if he wants to go and play bowls, he has to join a club, but now there is some sort of “thing” about that. He says he already stood outside for several grants decisions. He said most organisations are now incorporated. All volunteers are out of bounds now.

Cr Sharpe says she takes real offence when Crs say taht if they don’t support a motion they’ve got something to hide. She says she has never and will never be a member of a political party and is not a member of any groups currently. She is a “clean skin”, but she says she cannot support this motion because it doesn’t make sense.

But she says she wants it on the record that she takes offence when Crs suggest she has something to hide by not supporting the motion.

Cr Gauci Maurici withdraws the comment saying it was not the spirit that was intended with.

Cr Surace says she will remove 2(t) and just leave it as the current 2(u) then becoming 2(t). So it is only about political parties.

Cr Gauci Maurici (the seconder) says “whatever”.

The Mayor loses his patience: “Guys – whatever is not a seconder. Let’s get serious here. I’m getting tired of this game-man-ship”.

The Mayors puts the motion – and only Cr Surace, Lawrence and Gauci Maurici vote for it. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense given the statements about supporting the part re political parties… I’m a tad confused!!

For: Crs Surace, Gauci Maurici, Lawrence

Agst: Crs Sharpe, Nation, Sipek, Marshall, Byrne, Cusack

Back to the original motion.

Cr Marshall says this is a good demonstration of dysfunctionality. She says she has nothing to hide, and that accusations of having something to hide or not supporting the community are not welcome. She says it is astonishing that amendments did not come earlier and that Council has a lot of work to do.

The original motion is carried unanimously.

10.2 Notice Of Motion No. 2018/02 – Establishment of Working Group with City of Melbourne

Cr Marshall moves and Cr Cusack seconds.

Cr Marshall says we have a shared boundary with the City of Melbourne and that both sides of the boundary are developing differently and there are challenges including the Flemington Renewal Project and the Arden Macaulay redevelopment. She says the East west connection along Racecourse Rd does not work – during events there is not safe accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. She says it is important to be able to advocate to state government jointly.

Cr Cusack suggests some small amendments to the wording which are considered informal amendments.

Carried by all except Cr Lawrence who abstains.

Cr Surace leaves the meeting

10.3 Notice Of Motion No. 2018/03 – Request for reintroduction of the Moonee Valley City Council Waste Calendar

Cr Sharpe moves the motion.

Cr Sharpe says she received a lot of feedback from people about MVCC no longer distributing the waste calendar. She says people have said “the only thing you give me is a calendar and now you’re not even doing that”.

It has been missed. The impact has surprised Cr Sharpe.

Cr Gauci Maurici has seconded.

Cr Byrne speaks saying she didn’t know about the calendar but that there are obviously people have missed it and there may possibly be new ways of distributing calendars in the future.

Cr Lawrence speaks about bins.

Cr Nation says he apologises to all the people he has told that the calendars are on their way. They are not on their way until next year.

Carried unanimously.

11 Urgent Business – NIL

The Mayor says he has been lenient about meeting procedures. He says he disagrees with Cr Marshal, that MVCC is not dysfunctional, but when Crs get into petty play, it’s not what it’s about. “If this pettiness keeps continuing … I won’t be giving you the freedom I’m been giving you up until now… we are a good Council”.

Meeting is closed.

12 Confidential Reports

12.1 Possible Property Acquisition

12.2 Highball Strategic Directions

12.3 National Disability Insurance Scheme in Moonee Valley

12.4 Arbitration Report

Close of Meeting

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