Cr Sharpe – Mayor 2019


I was asked to remove the picture of the Mayor as it was taken from the Council website. Not being allowed to take photos in the Council Chamber, I have used my own drawing.

The statutory meeting tonight has been attended by about 30 people in fluoro vests – from the depot and concerned about a proposal to move the depot out of the Valley. More about that later.

All councillors are present for the vote for a new Mayor and Deputy. Just to put it out there, my bets are on Cr Cusack and Cr Gauci Maurici – but we’ll see.

The Mayor’s chair is empty. The current Mayor vacated the position last night, and the CEO has enjoyed a day without a singular boss (although he is never under the command of just the Mayor – rather the Council as a whole has control).

The CEO opens the meeting with an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land.

Cr Sipek is appointed temporary Chair. He is sunburnt!

No apologies. No conflicts of interest. Cr Byrne presents Cr Sipek with a gavel for his year as Mayor. Cr Sipek reciprocates with a gift for his former deputy. Nice words all round.

Cr Surace moves that the Mayor be appointed for 12 months (there is an option to appoint Mayors for 24 months). Carried unanimously.

Cr Marshall moves a motion – not sure what it is as it is not on the screen.

The CEO resumes the chair and calls for nominations for Mayor. Cr Sipek nominates Cr Sharpe. Cr Surace nominate Cr Nation.

Crs Sipek, Sharpe, Marshall, Lawrence, Cusack vote for Cr Sharpe.

Crs Surace, Nation, Byrne and Gauci Maurici vote for Cr Nation.

Cr Sharpe is elected Mayor.

Cr Sharpe thanks Cr Sipek for a “fantastic year”.  “It is all about providing for our community at the grass roots level … we have big ticket items across the entire municipality.”

The CEO calls for nominations for the position of Deputy Mayor.

Cr Sharpe nominates Cr Sipek. Cr Nation nominates Cr Gauci Maurici.

Crs Sipek, Sharpe, Marshall, Lawrence, Cusack vote for Cr Sipek.

Crs Surace, Nation, Byrne and Gauci Maurici vote for Cr Gauci Maurici.

Cr Sipek is elected Deputy Mayor and I was wrong! But I usually am when it comes to these votes. They seem to be based on unknown factors!

Mayor Sharpe closes the meeting.



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