Council Meeting 29 Jan 2019

racecourse rd

Happy new year! MVCC’s first meeting is this Tuesday, 29 January.

Before outlining the agenda, some notes on planning applications in Flemington (apologies for focusing on Flemington here – please let me know of any other major applications). Applications being advertised at Council can be viewed here.

320 Racecourse Rd, Flemington – 7 storey hotel with waiver of car-parking

A three day hearing at VCAT, starting 6 March, is scheduled for this planning application. The applicant has lodged amended plans and objections to the new plans can be lodged at VCAT until 18 February. The new plans can be viewed at Council, or you can contact the Flemington Association which has objected to the application. You can also read the Council’s report on the proposal here (Council meeting 14 August 2018 – the photo below is from the Council’s report): Agenda

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 7.44.52 pm

177A Mount Alexander Rd, Flemington – 3 storey commercial with waiver of car-parking

A new application to convert the two residential floors to commercial premises has been lodged for this site. The proposal has 11 car parks in a mechanical stacker, with four spaces under ground. Objections are due at Council by 30 January. The plans can be viewed here.

21 Lucknow St, Travancore

A consultation meeting will be held at Council this Wednesday 30 January for an application for alterations to this property – one of the six properties in Travancore with an individual heritage overlay.

Council Meeting 

Apologies: Crs Cusack and Surace

Minutes: No questions – carried unanimously

Conflict of interest: None

Presentations: None

Petitions and Joint Letters

  • Flemington Primary School – School Crossing times – 40 signatures asking for crossing supervisors to be able to start their afternoon shifts early on the final days of terms. Carried unanimously to accept petition.
  • Proposed changes to median strip access from Buckley Street to surrounding streets following the Buckley Street level crossing removal – residents argue the changes will move the existing problems to other streets and there has been no consultation with residents. Cr Gauci Maurici reiterates the need to LXRA to release the traffic assessment. Carried unanimously.

Public questions – none


203-211 Keilor Road, Essendon – Construction of a seven storey building in a Commercial 1 Zone 

(A 50 page report for 121 dwellings)

Cr Gauci Maurici moves a very long motion to refuse on multiple grounds – mainly height, scale and massing, and inconsistency with Design Development Overlay – including creating a hazard for flight plans. Cr Lawrence and Cr Nation speak in support of the refusal, highlighting the disregard the proposal has for DDO guidelines. Carried unanimously.

Amendment C195 Heritage Controls – 89 Glass Street, Essendon

(Sadly, the Planning Minister didn’t approve interim planning controls requested by MVCC and so by the time the Panel Hearing convened for Heritage controls on the site, the property had been significantly altered and its heritage character destroyed. The Panel now recommends abandoning the heritage protections.)

Cr Marshall moves a motion asking for MVCC to write to the Planning Minister about the concerns the Panel had about the ineffectiveness of interim protections for 89 Glass St; also to ask for a report about the cost of restoring the property; and a further report to be brought to Council.

Cr Gauci-Maurici seconds the motion speaking strongly about the actions of the land owner in painting the home on the property just prior to the exhibition phase.

Cr Byrne also speaks expressing some concerns given the recommendations from the Panel – who have to assess the property as it presented at the time. She is not sure whether Council can legitimately take any further action.

Cr Sipek hasn’t turned on his microphone (admittedly he’s been out of practice while Mayor). Cr Sipek doesn’t want to set a precedent for retrospective reports.

Cr Lawrence agrees with Crs Sipek and Byrne about the multiple interpretations possible resulting from the actions Council chooses to take.

Cr Marshall says the Heritage Gap study will hopefully resolve situations like this, and hopes people who purchase heritage homes respect the heritage conditions.

For: Crs Nation, Marshall, Sharpe, Gauci-Maurici, Lawrence

AGST: Crs Sipek and Byrne. CARRIED.

Planning Scheme Amendment C179 – Adopting the Significant
Tree Register and applying tree protection controls

(The importance of the Significant Tree Register is highlighted in the report by the current threat to a 100 year old River Red Gum at the Newmarket train station. Council is relying on the status of the tree as significant to oppose VicTrack’s proposal to remove the tree.)

The officer’s recommendation is moved by Cr Marshall. Seconded by Cr Sipek. Cr Sipek says he supports the motion, but is concerned about big trees in Rosehill Ward causing infrastructure damage. Carried unanimously.

Montgomery Park Master Plan

(This plan has been through community consultation and will cost $6.5m.)

Cr Lawrence moves the officer’s recommendation. Cr Sipek seconds. Cr Lawrence says the original plan was 11 years ago and the park requires improvement given the multiple uses within the surrounds of the park. The new plan has been through consultation. Cr Gauci Maurici moves a minor amendment to allow officers to make minor changes. Cr Byrne seconds the amendment, which is carried unanimously. Cr Gauci Maurici says the implementation might not be seen for a few more years.

Cr Byrne says the value of master plans is the capacity for the plans to be implemented within timelines and budget. She says it might be frustrating for people who have submitted ideas, that construction will not be until 2023/24. She says there might be a need to slow master plans at Council until there is money available to implement them. She hopes some elements can be brought forward in this 15 year plan.

Carried unanimously.

2018-19 Capital Works Program Update

(An extra $4m is required for the East Keilor Leisure Centre evaluation report.)

Cr Sipek moves officer’s recommendation. Cr Lawrence seconds. Cr Sipek says it is a standard and self-explanatory report. Cr Lawrence says there are four extra items that are being added.

Carried unanimously.

Advocacy on Kindergarten Services – I Love Kinder Campaign

(This report recommends Council join an MAV campaign ahead of the federal election given the current Morrison government’s position on rolling back funding for kindergarten potentially costing families $2000 in 4-year-old kinder fees.)

Cr Marshall moves the officer’s recommendation. Cr Gauci Maurici seconds. Cr Marshall says the returned state government has a commitment to kindergarten funding. She commends the MAV and Wyndham Council. She hopes the pressure in the federal election campaign will reverse the proposal. She says good early learning education is one way of addressing disadvantage. Carried unanimously.

Various Community Organisation Lease Renewals

(I’m still not clear whether these low cost rental agreements for bowls, tennis and other clubs are extended to other groups that use Council facilities on a regular basis.)

Cr Lawrence moves the officer’s recommendation. Cr Byrne seconds. Cr Lawrence says the motion give the clubs involved four more years. He says the clubs have built and paid for the facilities they are using. He says this is what Council should be doing with a lot of clubs to save capital works expenditure. He says there are some discrepancies between clubs. He says equitable rental would be welcome.

Cr Byrne says the clubs have opted for the 1.9% increase in the four year option to renew their leases from five years ago, when the different rental agreements were put in place. She says there is still work to be done, but these clubs have been great tenants.

Cr Marshall says issues of fairness and equity are still being resolved.

Carried unanimously. (Although Cr Sipek is no longer in the Chamber.)

Proposed Discontinuance and Sale of Road Reserve – 7 Etzel Street, Airport West

The meeting is adjourned until Cr Sipek returns. It resumes.

Cr Byrne moves the officer’s recommendation. There were no submissions to the public notice. Cr Sipek says it is very straightforward. Carried unanimously.

Report on the Land Acquisition Committee

Cr Marshall moves the officer’s recommendation. Seconded by Cr Lawrence.

Cr Marshall says the setting up of the committee has been a success and has enabled the Council to be able and agile. (Please purchase 177A Mt Road for $1.7m). Carried unanimously.

Assemblies of Councillors

Cr Sipek moves. Cr Byrne seconds. Cr Byrne speaks briefly. Carried unanimously.

Notice Of Motion No. 2019/01: Review of municipal boundaries

Cr Sipek wants Council to ask the Minster for Local Government to redraw the MVCC boundary to locate Flemington Racecourse, the Showgrounds and Gowanbrae within MVCC. The request to give MVCC Flemington Racecourse and Showgrounds was rejected in 2007 when MVCC lost Kensington and North Melbourne to the City of Melbourne. I also wonder whether there have been any conversations with Moreland or City of Melbourne.

I wonder if the latest request for land demonstrates some wishful thinking about raising much needed rate revenue given the MVCC budgetary forecast for 2022 relies on $8m from extra rate income to service additional costs (including interest repayments of $26m over 15 years for the $81m loan for capital works).

Cr Sipek moves his motion about asking the State Government to redraw the council boundaries. Cr Marshall seconds. Cr Sipek says the Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse used to be in the City of Essendon and Moonee Valley, but they were transferred to City of Melbourne with no access point except through the City of Moonee Valley (This is not actually correct – there is an entrance from Epsom Rd and Smithfield Rd to Flemington Racecourse).

(And my understanding is that the Racecourse has always been part of City of Melbourne. Only the Showgrounds were ever in the City of Essendon and were removed in 1993, when Flemington was also incorporated in Moonee Valley. Neither the Racecourse nor the Showgrounds have ever been part of Moonee Valley – which has only existed since the amalgamations in the 90s).

Cr Sipek says MVCC has to deal with the impact of all events on local, residents. Cr Marshall says success is unlikely, but the impacts on Moonee Valley residents from events are noticeable. She is happy to have another go. In relation to Gowanbrae, she hasn’t had anyone approach her about the boundary change.

Cr Gauci Maurici says that she gets calls from residents in Gowanbrae who want to be part of Moonee Valley.

Cr Lawrence corrects Cr Sipek regarding entrances but says the Racecourse and Showgrounds were stolen from the City and should be returned. He says Gowanbrae is a natural fit with MVCC – and that Moreland has a larger municipal base and it would be good for MVCC to increase its base.

Carried unanimously.

Confidential Reports

  • Update on property acquisition and proposed disposal of Council

Have a happy year 🙂


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  1. 320  Race course rd.  Is that the Irish pub or opposite.?I think placing street numbers wit a note on vicinity is a good idea.  Say  ….2 up from Library… or that triangle on Wellington st corner of Mt rd   etc Hello Rose Keep punching  CHEERS…ED  .   


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