Council Meeting 28 May


Flemington Community Centre in May midday sunshine. Photo: Rose Iser

Submissions to the budget were heard this evening. I wasn’t able to attend so not sure what submissions were made.

Apologies: Cr Sipek and Cr Nation are apologies tonight.

Minutes of 14 May: Confirmed.

Conflict of interest: None.


  1. Council has received a petition (from me) regarding Flemington Community Hub – Cr Marshall tables the petition in two parts (totalling 204 signatures) asking Council to reconsider the location for the new Community Hub. Seconded by Cr Surace. Carried unanimously.


2. Council has received a petition with six signatures regarding parking in the Boulevard. Cr Gauci-Maurici moves. Cr Lawrence seconds.

Questions from the public:

  1. David asks two questions about the development proposed in Ogilvie St Essendon: the answer provided is that the traffic generated by the proposal will not cause negative impacts and visitor traffic will be accommodated, according to the Council officers. David asks why objectors weren’t not notified of changes made to a proposal – the answer given is that the amendments were deemed beneficial. David asks how residents find out what the amendments are, but the Mayor says that as the meeting is in its formal stage, the question cannot be allowed.
  2. The next questions are also about the 5 dwelling development in Ogilvie St Essendon, and how this can be a better outcome than 3 or 4 dwellings.


103-105 Ogilvie Street, Essendon – Construction of five dwellings and to construct and carry out buildings and works, including fencing, within a Special Building Overlay

The Mayor calls twice for a motion. Cr Gauci-Maurici moves the officer’s recommendation. She says she’s happy to move the motion for debate and that there have been some changes – as mentioned above. She mentions the visitor parking, but is most concerned about flooding concerns.

Cr Lawrence says the conditions are extensive and appear to deal with many of the concerns raised. He says it is likely to be approved by VCAT and conditions might be removed.

Cr Surace says she won’t be supporting the motion given the waiver of visitor spaces.

Cr Marshall says she will support the motion as VCAT is likely to approve the development and are not likely to be concerned about the waiver of one visitor car park.

FOR: Marshall, Byrne, Cusack, Lawrence

AGAINST: Surace, Sharpe, Gauci-Maurici


15 Nicholas Court Keilor East – Construction of five dwellings to the rear of the existing dwelling

Cr Byrne moves a motion to refuse the proposal on grounds of urban design, height, layout, car parking and several other grounds. Cr Surace seconds.

Cr Byrne says there were 24 objections – just about all residents in the Court. She says the proposal is not compliant with setbacks to Steele Creek. She says neighbourhood character is a key concern, as well as parking. She says a planning application at 14 Nicholas Crt has been refused previously at VCAT.

No other councillors add substantive arguments.

FOR: All except the Mayor.


10 Grange Road Airport West – Construction of three dwellings

Cr Byrne moves with two added conditions re the driveway access and garden area. Cr Surace seconds. Cr Byrne said the proposal was originally for five dwellings, but the applicant has revised plans to reduce the number of dwellings to three. The new application decreases the site coverage, but increases the size of the dwellings. She says the applicant has provided dwellings with more bedrooms, but they’re now bulkier. She says this is a well negotiated outcome between the residents and the applicant.

Cr Surace supports Cr Byrne.

Carried unanimously.

Update on Response to Notice of Motion 2017/20 – Smart City

Cr Cusack moves the motion to support the report that sets out what MVCC is doing … though he doesn’t go into detail and I haven’t read it. He mentions electric cars as he finishes up.

Cr Lawrence says “we’re not a stupid city”! He says MVCC is upgrading computer systems including the interface between residents and Council.

Carried unanimously. It would be good to know exactly what technologies are being proposed in this but I guess I will need to read!

Development Contributions Plan – Costing Package

Cr Marshall moves. She says she was mocked for saying getting this into the Planning Scheme was on her bucket list, but she stands by this as it is important for being able to justify the collection of contributions from developers.

Unfortunately I have to go – but will finish later.

Council Plan 2017-21 – Quarter three progress report for January – March 2019

Submission to Victorian Parliament Environment and Planning Committee’s ‘Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management’

Proposed sale of land from formerly discontinued road – 16 Emerald Street, Essendon

5-79 Fisher Parade, Ascot Vale and 1-3 and 23-25 Kingston Avenue, Ascot Vale – Public Acquisition Overlay

Proposed establishment of a special committee known as LeadWest Committee

Councillor Expenses Report – 1 January 2019 to 31 March 2019

Notices of Motion Quarterly Report

Assemblies of Councillors

Notice Of Motion No. 2019/15 – Sharing shed and library of things

Urgent Business Delegates Reports

Confidential Reports: Riverside Ball Protection Fencing

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