Community update heritage trees @Newmarket Station

It’s been an exhausting week for many – thanks for being in this for the long haul. We have one key thing planned for this week …

7am Weds 5 FEB – COMMUNITY ACTION @Newmarket Station, Flemington

The most important action this week will be at 7am Weds morning when we will demonstrate the depth of community support for heritage trees to Metro ahead of their meeting with Moonee Valley Council.
WHAT: Community Action to #SaveRed and demand Metro get a planning permit before removing 10 trees at Newmarket Station.
WHEN: Weds 5 Feb 7am
WHERE: Newmarket Train Station, Flemington
BRING: Signs, neighbours, friends, optimism, community spirit
*We need to show Metro the depth of our support for heritage trees and proper planning processes.
*We want Metro to apply for a planning permit before removing ten trees from Newmarket Station.
*We are concerned about the works already going on around Red and her roots.
*We are angry that Metro have asserted they are exempt from a planning permit by arguing Red and two other trees are unsafe without providing any evidence.
*If Metro can bypass heritage planning processes in Flemington, what are our planning laws worth?
*Moonee Valley have offered $25K to find alternative engineering solutions.
*Metro should not have erected a ‘Wall’ barricading public parkland, seats, bins and a playground. If the platform is safe for passengers, then the park is safe for playing.
If you can’t attend on Weds (and with kids back at school, mornings are harder) please talk to neighbours and urge them to attend if they can.
PLEASE ATTEND WEDS IF YOU CAN!! We need to show Metro that Flemington cares about trees, heritage and process and that RED is defended (to quote Doctor Who).
Further actions will depend on the outcome of the meeting between Metro and MVCC. 
Other things you can do this week: 
Help keep the banners attached to the fence and renewed if pulled down. Add your own 🙂 (Logan is on site today 1:30-3pm fixing banners if you help him out.)

Write to and ring:

Danny Pearson, Local MP for Essendon,, 9370 7777

Minister Melissa Horne, Minister for Public Transport,, 8392 8020

Minister Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning,, 8683 0964

Complain to Metro:

We are urging everyone to please take a few minutes to lodge a complaint with Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) for actions such as:

  • not seeking a planning permit to remove trees
  • not releasing arborist or engineering reports showing that the trees are unsafe
  • acting unlawfully
  • abusing their power since no immediate risk to the railway tracks has been shown
  • not consulting with the community
  • not looking at alternative options that retain the trees
  • not taking the value of the trees into account when determining whether it’s worth spending money to protect them during maintenance works
  • not releasing the cost of protecting the trees and maintaining the platform to Council and community
  • damaging the root zone of the River Red Gum since 24 January 2020 with braces across the roots and within the tree drip line
  • not obtaining a permit / having arborist supervision of bracing works over the River Red Gum roots

Call 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight)

Thanks again for your ongoing support for Red and other trees in Flemington and Moonee Valley.

Red canopyRed trunk

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