Council Meeting 11 February 2020

SR Pin Oak Far

The blog is back for the first Council meeting of the year.

Cr Lawrence is away tonight – and will also be absent for the next meeting (25 February).

No conflicts of interest tonight.

The Mayor acknowledges the sad passing of Hedley Moffat who was Mayor of Moonee Valley in 1998.

Cr Marshall presents a book from a book about migration experiences from the Multicultural Commission of Victoria.

Petitions and Joint Letters:

Sale of land at 45 Valley Lake Boulevard – Valley Lakes Estate, Keilor East

Cr Sipek moves a petition signed by 548 people about some land that housed a sales office in the Valley Lakes area that was to be given to community. The land is owned by Development Victoria (State Government) – who are selling the land. “Council is not selling this land”, Cr Sipek says.

Cr Sipek has forgotten his glasses, so Cr Surace reads the officer’s recommendation from the screen. So Cr Surace moves and Cr Sipek seconds. The receipt of the petition is carried unanimously.

Public Question Time

Miriam Powell is asking two questions.
“Hundreds of community members who had fought hard to save trees around Newmarket Station, were very relieved at the agreement reached between Moonee Valley Council and Metro to save Red. And we would like you to have this photo that I took of Red as a thank you.
While we await further details about the engineering solutions and the other nine trees, residents have some interim queries:
a) given that it is agreed that Red is not an immediate threat to the safety of people in this public space, is there anything Moonee Valley Council can do to have the fence removed as it currently blocks a drinking tap, bins, a playground, seating and public space?b) Is Council satisfied that the wall bracing currently in place located very close to Red on top of the root zone is not negatively impacting Red’s health in any way?”

Answer: Council is still waiting on formal written communication re saving Red; and Council has asked about the fencing, and has not received a response. The wall bracing is not impacting the health of the tree.

Question 2.

“Residents are very keen to have a more constructive relationship with Metro in which there is discussion about upcoming works, consultation, and long-term planning for the heritage station and landscaping. What can Council do to help residents develop a better working relationship with Metro that will facilitate long-term planning for the station precinct – potentially also including celebration of Flemington’s Indigenous and colonial history?”

Answer: Council will request the Metro will work closely with residents and is willing to facilitate any meetings in the future. Council would hope for future programs to be communicated to the community for feedback.

Cr Cusack accepts the photo on behalf of Council and passes on thanks and regards to the community.


54-56 Halsey Road Airport West (Plan of Consolidation 155407) – Use and development of the land for the hiring of motor vehicles, display of business identification signs and reduction in bicycle facilities

Cr Surace moves the officer’s recommendation, which is a recommendation to approve the revised plans with some small alterations.

Cr Surace says residents abutting the property had some concerns including proposed hours of operation to have weekend start times at 8am. The officer recommendation is for 7:30am, with an additional condition that fleet vehicles not be used along the sensitive interface until 9am. An acoustic report is also required.

Cr Sharpe supports ward councillors and the negotiations that have emerged from the consultation discussions.

Cr Marshall speaks in support of the motion, but has some ongoing concerns around the hours of operation.

For: All except Cr Sipek

A resident in the gallery asks whether that means the recommendation goes ahead. There is, of course, VCAT.

4 Beaver Street Aberfeldie (Lots 1 and 2 on Title Plan 079364D) – Construction of two dwellings

Cr Sharpe moves some amendments – although the amendments on the screen down quite reflect exactly what Cr Sharpe intends to move, so there is some cleaning up of the motion.

The Mayor asks for the entire motion to be read to be sure all councillors are clear on the proposed motion.

Cr Marshall asks a point of clarification about whether the words “and the ramp” need to be included. The CEO is not sure whether it is an issue without examining the plans.

There is further discussion. Cr Sharpe has moved what is on the screen. Cr Sipek seconds.

Cr Sharpe called the application in to be decided by Council. Officers were going to refuse the application. Cr Sharpe called it in responding to the applicant’s concerns that he had made numerous changes in response to officers’ requests.

Cr Sharpe said the officers had been concerned about the number of steps at the front. Cr Sharpe says her view is that the character of the street has changed and can accommodate the proposal. She asked for some further adjustments to the height, to which the applicant has agreed.

Cr Sipek says he agrees that the two town houses can be accommodated with the concessions made by the applicant.

Carried unanimously.

Proposed sale of land from formerly discontinued road – 112 St Leonards Road, Ascot Vale

Cr Marshall moves the officer’s recommendation and Cr Nation seconds.

Cr Marshall says that this would ordinarily be a simple matter but that 40 years has elapsed since the application. The road was discontinued and some of the land was transferred. But some land was not transferred – for unknown reasons.

There has been a request to complete the transfer. The neighbours have different views. Council’s view is that there is a need to start the process again, given the documentation about what has happened in the past is unavailable.

Cr Nation agrees. He clarifies that the motion does not rule in favour of either neighbour, but is a commencement of the process.

Carried unanimously.

Proposed road discontinuance – Right of Way and Road Reserve abutting rear of 20 Clarence Street, Flemington

Cr Cusack moves the officer’s recommendation. Cr Nation seconds. The motion is to start the statutory process.

“An investigation of the property has shown the proposal is not likely to impact on houses that rely on the rear laneway,” says Cr Cusack.

Cr Nation repeats that this is not a decision about the sale – but commences the process.

Carried unanimously.

2019-20 Capital Works Program Update

Cr Sipek moves the officer’s recommendation. Cr Surace seconds.

Cr Surace has a few questions: is there any response with respect to the female change rooms for the Essendon Rowing Club. The officer says the proposal is being reviewed, and no response has been received.

Cr Surace comments on the traffic signals at Military Rd – that have taken some time. She is disappointed about the LATM study in Airport West. She asks whether the consultation for the LATM has gone out yet. The officer has to take the question on notice.

Cr Sharpe says that these reports always signal extra expenses, and don’t always note savings. She says she is concerned about some of the extra expenditure for pram crossings and zebra crossings. She is frustrated that the cost for a simple job has jumped $22,600. She says she can’t see the benefit of spending additional money on projects – particularly where she has looked at the works and can’t support the additional funding.

For: All except Cr Sharpe – Carried.

Financial Performance Report December 2019 

Cr Marshall moves that consideration of the report is deferred. Cr Gauci Maurici seconds.

Cr Marshall says the report will be considered by the Audit Committee next week, and there are some queries councillors would like clarified before voting on the report.

Carried unanimously.

Notice Of Motion No. 2020/01 – Relationship building between Moonee Valley sporting clubs and clubs in fire affected East Gippsland

Cr Sipek moves his motion to seek a report that explores the ways MV sporting clubs can work with sporting clubs in East Gippsland affected by fires.

Cr Sharpe speaks in favour of the motion and thanks sporting clubs for the work they are already doing.

Cr Gauci Maurici also congratulates Cr Sipek for bringing this forward.

Cr Cusack also supports the motion. He speaks about the Moonee Valley Bowls Club who have raised $5000 who have arranged to donate it to a bowls club in Mallacoota. He asks officers if the report can look at how Council facilities can be made available for sporting clubs who are trying to help.

Carried unanimously.

Notice Of Motion No. 2020/02 – Size options for green waste bins

Cr Sipek says three is a need for smaller green bins for residences without larger gardens. He says there may be cases where one large bin could be shared between residences. He says it won’t be compulsory.

Sr Surace seconds and says this is responding well to lifestyle changes. She says she is one of the people who would benefit from a smaller bin.

Cr Nation also commends Cr Sipek for bringing the motion. Cr Nation says his 240L bin discourages him for recycling waste – and takes a lot of space in the car port. He raises the issue of having trucks that can collect smaller bins (same size as the red bins???). He is looking forward to getting a 120L bin.

Crt Marshall says there was meant to be a trial but it doesn’t seem to have happened. She says she hopes it is one part of a larger puzzle to reduce waste.

Cr Gauci Maurici says community expectations may be for quick availability – and provision of bins may not be immediate.

Cr Cusack says it is a matter of “just make it happen”. Cr Cusack also says that people can get two 240L bins if they want as well.

Cr Sharpe says she is happy to support the motion.

Carried unanimously.

At this point I have to collect a child from rehearsals so will try to add the last part of the meeting at a later time.

Notice Of Motion No. 2020/03 – Review of community funding guidelines for low cost responsive services

Notice Of Motion No. 2020/04 – Construction access to public sites

Notice Of Motion No. 2020/05 – Arts participation opportunities

Urgent Business

Delegates Reports

 Close of Meeting

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