Various issues at Moonee Valley

Apologies for not being able to ‘blog’ this week’s Council meeting. A few issues arose from the meeting that are worth covering in a slightly different way. I’ve already written about the Notice of Motion seeking a policy for dealing with complaints about the CEO, and my uncertainty about how this proposal integrated with state-wide…

Complaints at Moonee Valley

Tensions continue to be high at Moonee Valley Council with a councillor appearing to leave last night’s meeting hastily and posting an angry comment on Facebook after the meeting criticising four other councillors.

Flemington Hub community meetings

A few things have happened this week regarding the Flemington Community Hub.

There was a Flemington Neighbourhood Advisory Group meeting on Wednesday. On Thursday, a meeting was held by young community members.

New MVCC Planning Scheme Hearing

A new Moonee Valley Planning Scheme has been the subject of a two-day Planning Panels hearing.

Key issues raised included the work still outstanding on the 13 neighbourhood plans, and the absence of clear guidance on housing growth and related zoning while this work remains incomplete.

What’s the deal in Flemington?

The decision at Council last week to reduce money specifically allocated in the long term budget for the Flemington Community Hub has caused quite a stir – and lots of confusion.

In fact, there is still $40m+ in the budget for the hub and park – the same as there was last year.

This post sets out some of the facts as we know – and some of the remaining mysteries.