New homes needed

On Friday night, in pouring rain, several hundred people gathered at Royal Park for a vigil for a young woman who had been horrifically bashed to death a week earlier. The woman, Courtney Herron, had been reportedly homeless in the weeks before her death. A combination of awful social and personal circumstances, including insecure housing,…

How did we get here? A recent timeline of Debney’s Park

Debney’s Park has an extensive and unusual history: tannery, tip, river bank, open space.

In the last decade, it has seen further reductions and improvements – and now it faces an uncertain future.

This timeline tracks these recent events in the life of Flemington’s largest and most important park.

Fact-checking figures in Flemington

Moonee Valley Council has published various population projections for Flemington to justify its funding pitch for a $40m community hub at Debney’s Park.

Not all of the figures appear to be reasonable projections or statements based on the evidence available.

What will VCAT do to Racecourse Rd?

The Flemington Association, several residents from Norwood and Lewis Streets, and Moonee Valley Council, spent three days at VCAT this week arguing this proposal wouldn’t make a positive contribution to the streetscape. We may lose.