Council Meeting May 22

MVCC is:
– writing to State Govt re Airport Rail thought to be honest I’m not sure what MVCC’s position is on the route, except they want to be ‘at the table’;
– writing to DHHS re Flemington estate redevelopment;
– buying land;
– approving Master Plans;
– looking at spending $30M on 6 highball courts at Quinn Grove;
– spending a few million on netball courts at Fairbairn;
– becoming smart;
– wanting more electric cars and charges;
– telling everyone if they’re a member of a political party.

A year of MV Blog

Happy birthday MV Blog!

It’s one year since I began the process of documenting MV Council meetings and writing feature pieces on controversial decisions affecting our community.

When Councils misbehave

There’s no Moonee Valley Council meeting tonight (the next meeting is on 12 September). So, instead, some thoughts on Council conduct – from me (why not!). Last week, the Central Goldfields Shire was sacked by the State Government. Councillors elected just last October have been dismissed until fresh elections in 2020. This dismissal followed a…