Council Meeting 27 March

I couldn’t make it to the meeting tonight, but a summary of the recorded meeting is now up – with a few public service announcements about submission deadlines for various proposals – including the Racecourse Rd proposal pictured.

Public Forum – March 20

LXRA has provided some design documents for the Buckley St crossing to MVCC – but they are all confidential and residents have no access to them. Why?

Read about tonight’s public forum at which Qs about the level crossing continue in the absence of any information being available for residents.

Council Meeting March 13

Here is a summary of this week’s meeting. The Council voted that extra watering of Council’s trees does not need to be given urgent consideration – despite there being barely any rain in MV for 46 days. Also, there is a plan for spending $900M in MV on facilities that residents might like to read…

Meeting rules? Who cares?

I know: not everyone shares my love of meeting rules deftly employed. When the rules are clear and everyone follows them, it’s like well-choreographed theatre.

The MVCC meeting of Feb 27 was, more often than not, a mess. Rules ignored. Claws out. Here’s what went wrong (IMHO!!).

Council Meeting Feb 27

Apologies that I couldn’t make the meeting on Tuesday – I was busy hunting for our little cat who had gone missing. She has now been located – but I’ll take the opportunity to plug the Council’s advice on keeping cats safe!!  I’ve now had a chance to watch the recording of the meeting, and made a summary available below.